As an entrepreneur at heart I have always wanted to explore and do more. One such effort is what this blog is going to present.

In this era where there seems to be a Mobile app for just about anything, the mobile app mania made me awestruck . A wide variety of apps solving so many problems for people day in and day out, appealed a lot to me. So I told myself, that I should get my feet wet with it and see what it has to offer. More importantly I believe I wanted to know what I can offer to the app world. So with the support of my family and friends, I began my exploration!

This blog is for all the budding thinkers out there, who want to make their dreams into a reality. The satisfaction that you get when you see your idea turn into a product is pure bliss! Be it a mobile app or a product, it’s all a creation and to me the journey counts more than the destination.

This blog is for all the folks who want to try and attempt to touch the sky! Hey.. If we don’t try, how will we know how far we can fly??