First Sneak peek!!

The app building was in full gear and I was eagerly waiting to see the first cut. Then one day, I got the much awaited email from our Project Lead. The app was ready for its first review. I got so anxious to download and check it out, I swear I got an anxiety attack. Without minding that I’m waiting at the checkout counter at Costco (you know how lengthy those lines get on Saturday afternoon’s 🙂 ), I opened the link and installed the app! Yay!! Here it was after all those hours of discussions, contemplating ideas, brainstorming sessions, drawing board revisions and development work. Can’t wait, Can’t wait, Can’t wait!!! I opened the app and the first thought that hit my mind was ‘Alright’. I’m not kidding, that’s all my mind said…Alright. I see that this is an app. It delivers the functionality it’s expected to deliver and nothing more. There were no colors, no fancy display panels, basically there was no freshness to it. Looked flat. I wanted to just leave my cart at Costco, return home and bury myself in my blanket.

After a few moments of that struggle in my head, the air started to clear. When I started hearing noises, traffic and people around me, I pulled myself together, completed the check out and unloaded the cart with a heavy loaded heart and got back home. I didn’t know what our next steps should be. Do we revamp the whole thing, start from scratch, drop the project, get a UI designer…had no clue. My husband looked at the app and said that it just needed some aesthetics upgrade and we’ll be good to go. He thought that I was worried for nothing. Men…what do they know about our thought process. We women try and take shelter in Kansas, even before the storm hits the Pacific Ocean. No generalizations here, but at least that’s how I am. My Dad has always asked me not to think too much when the issue is in a hot phase. I heard my Dad’s words ring in my head… “Let it cool and then revisit”. OK then, that’s what I will do, revisit later.

Revisit… That I did after a few days. The app didn’t look that bad after all. I finally came to see what my husband was talking about. It just needed some better positioning of the displays and some colors! The reason for all that despair? Like always, I think I set the expectations all too high and I crash when it is not met. I wanted the app to look great & work right from the very first run. Even though I have learnt a lot in the past that I shouldn’t expect too much too soon, I kept doing it over and over again. I guess somethings will never change.

On the other hand, I was ready to change my attitude towards the first cut and took an unbiased look at it. I jotted down all the things that needed an upgrade. Colors. Aesthetics. Top Shelf Designs. Here I come!! I’m in it for the long haul and refuse to get dropped off mid-way! We queued up all the changes to the app development teams and let them take their second shot. This time around, we constantly kept an eye out for aesthetics and that seemed to pay off. The app was beginning to look like the one I had pictured in my head. When you go through the app, you’ll see what I’m talking about. The flow will be seamless! Or at least my hope is that you’ll feel that way 🙂

Next stop… Rigorous testing! Locate those magnifying glasses and the let the testing begin!!

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