Why the name? How Alaska helped! Yes Alaska!!

As soon as the idea took shape, the name hunt for the app was on! It made me relive the days when my eyes wandered over books, magazines, TV, Social Media etc… searching for the right name for our baby. If you are a parent, then you know what I mean…don’t ya? Now everywhere I went, whomever I met, I had the app name hunt lingering in my head. I wanted it to be a universal name so anyone in the world can relate and use it.

Our trip to the beautiful scenic state of Alaska came around. Great friends and awesome serenity made me feel like I was in cloud nine. I had a hunch that I’ll finalize the app name before we boarded our flight back home. This is one of those situations, where sometimes we get such random thoughts in our heads and really don’t understand why it got seeded like that. But I felt very strongly about it. A few days passed, and then a few more and no signs of any good names.  Before I knew it, we were getting closer to the end of the trip and nope, no name yet. I got to be honest with you here…I started getting a little anxious at that point. Sun had risen (funny I said that, during summer in Alaska, I don’t know how much meaning the word “risen” has, as it got dark only for 3 – 4 hrs every night) on the last day of our trip and nada, zilch, not even a clue, my friend! No single clue!

My friends and family wanted to embrace the tranquility one last time before we boarded the flight. So a bunch of us went for a quick spin through the wilderness of Alaska and were crossing a creek. My friend read the creek’s name out loud, “KETTLE”. I was immediately drawn to the name. In spite of the calmness of the creek, my mind started racing with thoughts. Kettle is a familiar term to everyone around the world. Every house hold has one. What can be a better fit to the app that can help people all around the globe?  A Kettle for the Digital age! I was so thrilled and right away declared to my friends that my app is going to be called “Kettle” and bundled in my justification. Everyone cheered and cherished. I’m sure they were also kinda relieved that they don’t have to listen to me about the name hunt :).

Like all your friends, my friends are my best critics. In a matter of few minutes, one of them came back and mentioned that Kettle doesn’t resonate with Lend or Sell.  Point blank. Now what do I do? I knew then, that the final name will not be just Kettle, but some form around it. I just didn’t feel like giving up on Kettle. The seed has now created a plant :). Not until after 2 months or so later, we came up with the idea of naming the app Kettle with an extension called Lend, so people can relate to it. One concern was that there aren’t a lot of apps that have dot in their name. But hey, someone has to start somewhere. Very much like when we all started having a dot in our email address’es. The judgement was in and the name was finalized. “Kettle.Lend” it is!  A long way to go before we can see that name live in the app store. In other words… Row Row Row your boat gently down the Kettle creek, Surely Surely Surely Surely the app is gonna be great!! What you just witnessed is called as the toddler effect on app development :). Now the app design kicks in!


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