My AHA Moment!!

One rainy day over a hot cup of coffee, I glanced around my house to see how I can better organize. Some spots felt cluttered. That triggered me to think about the boxes hibernating in my house. That led me to wonder about all the other boxes that are sitting in my friends houses. Oh boy!!! that is a bulk load of items jut accumulating dust. Wouldn’t it be neat if I can get a sneak peek into all those boxes? Then may be I don’t have to spend $39.99 on the Halloween costume that my kiddo will wear for 2 and a half hours. Not to mention the $19.99 accessories that go with it. The hats, bags, swords….you know how that checklist goes. Hmm what can I do with the $59.98 (yes the math is right…don’t doubt it, because I used the calculator ha-ha!!) that I’ll save. I’ll spend it on something super critical, like my day at the spa :). Yuppp!! I just heard that welcome message “Close your eyes and relax!!!” I do have to agree that sometimes the eucalyptus smell is a little too much, but I’ll take it any day over my messy kitchen smell.

But there isn’t a suitable platform to enable friends to share and save. If I can easily let my friends know what I have ready to spare, and see what they have ready to offer, and didn’t have to explicitly talk about prices, that’ll make it super easy to Share and Save!  My light bulb moment has now taken shape. Its goal is to enable me to Give Away, Lend, Rent or Sell, my items, within my trusted network of people and also see what they have to offer. All with a few easy clicks! In this mobile app era, where there is an app for just about anything under the sky, what better way to accomplish this than a mobile app? I was super excited to think about all the time, money and effort people can save with this app. It truly will be a Shared economy product that each and every one across the globe can use with minimal effort. Next stop…a right name for the app.

Like in the real world, in the mobile app world, the app name plays a very important role. Now the name hunt begins! The Chase is on…

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