Boxes, boxes, boxes and a few more!

As a new grad and a toddler’s mom, I found myself constantly boxing up lot of text books and barely used toys. I didn’t actually want to give my text books away, as you never know when that important meeting is going to pop up at work and I’ll have to re-open my text books for reference. I know I can search on the internet to get the same information and we all know how time consuming that is, especially when I’m running behind my toddler. At the same time I know that there might be a friend of mine, in this current moment, trying to find a good deal on that $359 book on Amazon. I wondered wouldn’t it be super neat, if my friend knew that I have the same book sitting on my shelf, very rarely used?

As far as toys go, I can actually part with them, but honestly I don’t have enough time to pack them up and sell it to some used toys store for dime on the dollar. I thought about posting it on one of the mobile app’s that lets you sell and buy stuff. But my mom brain kicked in and warned me… “Do you want to let a stranger walk into your home for a $12 sale?” and I shut that idea right then. I’d rather give it to my friends who might need it or even sell it to them for a fair price. I can’t ask all my friends whether they want to get or buy the rarely used Play Mat from me. When my intent is not to make money out of the toys my toddler has grown out of, it might very well sound like that to my friends. Let’s face it between kids, work, home and gym (occasionally J ) it is hard to maintain good relationship with friends. I don’t want to distant the existing friends due to this. So like all the other mom’s out there, I kept accumulating toys and my kid’s closet has now officially run out of space. It has no coats, clothes or shoes but only unused toys.

I told myself that there has to be a better way. In my next blog, I’ll walk you through how this thought process triggered the next chain of events. Until then, hang tight!!


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